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Price: £145

Shipping: £10 (UK Special Delivery)

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Ivor has been created from a traditional light chocolate German mohair. I have added definition to his face, paw/foot pads by airbrushing. Fully 5 way jointed with English glass eyes. Filled with glass sand for added weight. Ivor stands 4.5" ~ 11.5cm


Ivor is wearing hand sewn oversized dirty denim corduroy dungarees. I have hand sewn the dungarees & stained them in pumpkin spice. My bears have an impression of bygone day teddy bears. Ivor's accessories include a lovey gingham scarf, Bakers Boy cap matching his dungarees, a fob watch & gold chain. Ivor comes complete with his very own racing green steam engine entirely hand made at The Old Folly Bears workshop!