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Oh my how time flies by....

Well I cant believe I have not written in my blog for such a long time! What have I been up to you may be asking?? Well, I was offered the opportunity to show my bears via an online show coming very soon! Preview of the show is this Friday coming 10th May! I will be emailing my list to give you the page for the show. There is a competition for the best bears, I hope you will all vote for my bear? I have 5 bears for the show, two of them come with well lets say it will be a wee bit of a surprise with one & the other one here is a sneaky peak :) I have finished another bear for the website & I will be uploading him tonight only website. He is a gorgeous wee bear, I did a vote via my Facebook page & the majority voted for a male bear. I have been very busy with the horses, I think I will add another blog post. Well that is all from me for now :)

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