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Tawa the grizzly bear has been created from soft brown miniature synthetic fur. Fully 5 way jointed with English black glass eyes. Filled with steel shot for added weight.


Tawa stands at 2" high x 4.5" long ~ 5 x 11.4cm


Tawa is a very special grizzly. The Bear stands for wisdom, for inner strength, healing & are protectors of the direction to where the sunsets. Standing on all fours or in a sitting position Tawa will show you the way with his arrow on his back leg pointing in the direction you should take. I have added accessories, a pebble which I have hand painted a symbol 'the sun'. A piece of turquoise crystal which in it's self is calming & will ground you. I have also added two feathers, delica beads in two colours of red & yellow.  


Tawa would make a wonderful creation to add to your hug.

Tawa 'Zuni Bear'

  • They are known as the great protector, the "sacred bear" They are a spiritual guide & also carries within him supernatural powers. The bear is a powerful healing fetish.

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