Sugar Loaf Folly 
Inspiration of The Old Folly Bears
Sugar Loaf Folly

Also known as Fuller's point, this folly stands 35 feet 

situated near Wood's Corner in East Sussex..


Legend has it that John "Mad Jack" Fuller made a bet that he could see the spire of St Giles, Dallington from his house, Rose Hill in Brightling. When he Realized that this was not true he had workmen hurriedly erect this folly in order to win the bet.


It is thought to have been built in the early 1820s & gets its name from the conical loaf form that sugar was sold in at that time. This wonderful building was built by my great grandfather x3. My great, great grandfather lived in the Sugar Loaf during the 1920's & his wifethey had several children whilst living there, the building had no bathroom or kitchen.